sbwc: so i tried sb using my nondominant hand...

its been a while since i continued this series…so i figured i’d re-start it with something fun.

so if u guys dont know, im actually a lefty! however, most are rightys nowadays…so i wondered…how does using my right (nondominant) hand feel like in sb?

my first impressions were…lets just say, not good. it felt like i was just mashing keys aimlessly instead of moving around.

and when i did, it felt very uncoordinated and akward, like i knew the keys but didnt know how to get to them.

other than the fact that i was switching hands for aiming, my aim felt fine, if a little jerky. i got used to aiming so it was the same as usual, but definitely not the moving around part.

would u try this?

ambidextrous people get 2x skill

yea agreed tho its pretty rare

So you were using your keyboard for your left and your mouse for the right?

Ima try this lol it seems fun XD

lol right and a challenge too

yep thats right

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