scheduled topics?

so i’ve had this idea for a while…to make a topic, “publish” it, but only have it visible to everyone until a specific time…

this could allow people to make a sorta topic to send out in one year, or five years, or maybe even ten?-

there could be some uses for this, some that i thought of were:

  • reflect on the future type thing, make those typical: “this will be released in ___ years”
  • post topics/announcements even when they are gone/away

plus it would just be generally a cool mechanic!

(although ppl could probably make a more creative use that i havent thought of!)

what are your thoughts?

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I’d like this, time capsules would be cool.

yeah its been on my mind for a bit

Bro I’ve had a topic in my drafts for months people who don’t make topics that often already got this

but it wouldnt work if, say, you left sooner than in 1-5 (ten?) years from now and quit the forum or something, then u wouldnt be able to send the topics- or if you didnt have access to your computer or something.

did you read the topic btw? i said all this in it


ya really cool. Idk if gautam has any say in it, though. You should give this suggestion over to

yeah, maybe he does im not sure. ik this forum was from discourse, but idk if he can like edit the things here seperately of discourse.

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