School Simulator

ok, but like get on topic now

All of you shut up and get back on topic

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Thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m trying to, but Monke wants to give me death hints and all sorts of things.

Just drop it, weโ€™ll handle it accordingly.

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Ignore him, heโ€™ll dig himself a new grave as long as you ignore him


Got it. :+1:

You replying to him causes you to get into an argument with him just ignore him and heโ€™ll get himself into trouble donโ€™t engage in his hurtful messages.

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Will listen to!

Final comment on this matter: Deescalation is the best thing to do in situations like this. Donโ€™t bother engaging.


2 new players

Are you talking about Slap and Number1. Also, can you make it that I have magic drawing capabilities and I can use it anywhere, and I only use for good. (I can self-defend myself, draw anything in mid-air, and help others)

proceeds to insult my entire family

I join monkeys gang

U another person or monke on and alt?

Another person

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Average American school moment

thats not me dawg :sob:

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Thatโ€™s what I said

I commit arson.

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see shadow, your hair is fine