Secondary attack ideas

Weapons should have secondary attacks because it would be cool
Secondary attack will do something different and have its own cooldown
Secondary attacks will make 1v1s even more interesting and also comboing attacks should give bonus

Here are some ideas:

Weapon. - primary attack. - secondary
Sabre. Swing sabre. Stab (like lancer)
Katana. Swing. Stab
Excalibur. Swing. Stab
Puncher. Punch forwards. Punch downwards
Paladin. Swing hammer. Ram with hammer
Lancer. Stab. Dash stab
Dragoon. Stab. Dash stab
Umbrellar. Rain. Stab upwards

Marksman. Shoot 2 arrow. Shoot power arrow
Winged bow. Shoot arrows. Rain arrows
All guns. Shoot bullet. Slap w/ firearm

Pulse gun. Shoot pulse. Shoot cyan pulse
Infernal mage. Ring of fire. Fire caster attack
Frost staff. Shoot 3 ice. Create ring of ice
Rune wizard. Spin and shoot. Melee attack

If you have ideas for other classes comment below


read my mind, I’m planning something similar.

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no the pvp will contribute to be “run and spam two moves at once”.

not if it’s prevented

this will ruin the pvp

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On paper, yes this would sound like a good idea but with how’s game format is like it would probably ruin the game.

Let’s look at the alchemist class for example which already has a secondary attack/option: It has a form of damaging others, a way to heal itself, and used to have a weird teleport feature.
The way that this class works is much too versatile as it has too many abilities whereas all the other classes don’t. And we should also think about how this weapon is a top tier as it is impressively good at surviving but not in a good way.

There would also be the problem of needing to give every single weapon secondary attack to make the game more consistent too. Some weapon’s secondary attack would be incredibly unoriginal/not unique as just like you put in for the all guns category for secondary attacks, they will all just slap your opponent with the firearm. Doing so would be removing a weakness that they previously had and the other weaknesses would have to be much more noticeable in order to compensate for that weakness. The same goes with your idea for Puncher, Frost Staff, Rune Wizard, Sabre, and the Infernal Mage. Some of these ideas shouldn’t work because for Pulse Gun, you said to make the secondary attack just cyan without extra information about it. The secondary attack for Infernal Mage would just be taking its previous weapon upgrade, Fire Caster and removing that uniqueness. As of now, Infernal Mage and Fire Caster were two seperate weapon matchups with different forms of attacking but with your idea of giving the Infernal Mage to use the Fire Caster attack, there will just be a clear winner between the two weapons.

Another problem is that the meta will be much more difficult to balance so that there isn’t just going to be one option that has a monopoly on every other weapon too. You could buff one of the primary or secondary attacks but even if it is a tiny buff, it could potentially bring it to become a top tier weapon if the attacks synergize with each other incredibly well. Weapon design philosophies would also have to change because depending on if and how the developers of choose to approach this idea, most weapons would just be too overpowered in one way or too underpowered/outclassed. This is because there will be too many choices in a simplistic combat game. This would probably work in other video games but I strongly believe that this is not a good idea.

Also Dragoon used to have the dash stab attack in

ghost hitting too