Secret Forum Challenges Round 1 Results

Round 1 is over, lets go over the results! :innocent:

People who completed their tasks:
Gautam - Ghosted me :sob:
Glaceon - Rickroll master
GiggaPoggers - Sang in general chat
Number1 - Messaged 20 people :skull:
Slapadabass - Grammer master (Grammar*)
KILLEN - Mod message master

People who failed:
Frumpy - Couldn’t get 5 likes
3RG3R - Couldn’t find someone to grind sb for him
NeverWinCSGO - Didn’t make a bad skin
F1NN - Couldn’t get somebody to reveal their task.
Incognitoes - Couldn’t get someone to make them a skin
Shadowblade - tpglitch found out, but they failed their challenge anyways :person_shrugging:
Glitch - Couldn’t get 10 reactions
Uri - Too unfunny to make a bad joke
Monke - Skill Issue

6/15 people move on.

(Next challenges will be handed out tomarrow at 12pm est)

too many people got eliminated, you should have just made it 1 or 2 people

and I thought my task was to get somebody else to 100k and send their death screen

do a poll

I don’t want this event to be too long. :P

It was.

lol, that is not what the post says… its prob gonna last like 3 days

what is ghosting

If Screenshot 2023-10-26 12.27.26 PM

This is what the og post said

to stop talking to someone

I still feel like 9 is too many

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XD Good job @gautam

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Ik, but I kinda like it being a short, fast-paced event where a lot of people get out

f1nn’s challenge was way too hard, if anybody gets a redo, its him.

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what joke did they try?


none lol

(at least, they didn’t share if they did (which is a requirement for the event))

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Wait, how did I miss this? Will there be another one after this “season” or whatever it is?


I planned for this to be a one-time thing. Maybe I will do it again but it would be way later.

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Wait there was a challenge?

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I got silenced, couldn’t make apost to get 10 reactions

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Blud forgor