Secret Forum Challenges Round 2

Round 2 is over, lets go over the results! :grimacing:

People who completed their tasks:
Number1 - Prookl proof
GiggaPoggers - Got 10 likes
Slapadabass - Challenge Master

People who failed:
Uri - No one said potato. (Or they didn’t dm me in time :person_shrugging: )
Killen - Is colorblind
Gautam - Couldn’t match pfp’s with someone
Glaceon - No frogs dm’d

3/7 people move on.

(Final challenges will be handed out tomorrow at 12pm est)


congrats on finals number1, Giggapoggers, and slap!

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Congrats on those 3 making it! Will there be another season?

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Thats undecided…
If I do have another season I want to make it unique and different from this season.

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