Secret Sword

So I have decided to make a game every year in the forum called secret Sword! ( @frumpy might steal my details and if you don’t believe me I will send it in the general chat if u ask me to ) But anyways back to the point! This Secret Sword Game starts on Dec 1st. So everyone has to make a sword on Google drawings, sketchpad, Chrome canvas, etc. So when everyone is done making that sword… you have to dm somebody you want to swap swords with. You will send your sword to them and you guys will screen capture “THE PERSON YOU DECIDE TO SWAP WITH” After you do, comment, done below this topic… When you do that, I will put you in a raffle. Raffles will also be posted During December on a different topic on my profile. @frumpy might help with that if he does not steal my idea. So then, On January 1st, Everyone must send their other teammates sword by that date. Just do not tell me who made it. I will have to guess and if I guess wrong, I will give you a shout-out to compete in my sword’s race next time coming on January 10th or at the end of January. I will explain the sword’s race on another one of my topics on my profile next year. If you have any questions or concerns, dm me at @skincreator. Hope y’all join. Peace :v:
I will be keep track of you too, so don’t be shy to ask :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :face_in_clouds: @Wasd will also make a poll for people who want to join and do not want to, you gotta scroll down though

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Frumpy was just joking I think

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Well I posted it first and I got proof I created it so I should be clear

It appears he has taken this matter quite seriously…



  • I wanna join
  • I don’t wanna join
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He is saying it was a joke and he didn’t mean it

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There is only one voter and it’s already %100 bruh, I’ll make it

I edited the poll

There, ty

secret sword

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Did this ever happen? I was gone during this time, so I currently don’t know if this actually ever happened or not.

Haha, this guy’s banned now. Closing the topic :skull: