Secret Weapons of Realmz (Updated)

Some of these descriptions aren’t completely accurate, a lot of them are just guesses and are definitely not official.

Above are all of the realmz weapons that aren’t just simple shapes

Shown in the image:

Shotgun2 (shown in future’s vid):

like shotgun but does 20 dmg per bullet


Dev weapon shown in many prookl videos; has insane abilities


Thing right next to the winged bow, which may imply it’s in the same chain as winged bow. Planned for future updates?

Not shown:


Alchemist but more op

The Thing:

Overpowered infernal mage with 3 or 4 rings instead of 1


Had the ability to pick up players and throw them across the map


The hook had 2 different functions, if you aimed it at a player, it would act like a normal projectile and do a specific amount of damage. If aimed at a wall, however, it would make the player hook onto that platform and swing back and forth.


An idea that was never fully coded ig, found evidence of its existence in the files


360 rotating sniper according to futurepear

Portal Gun:

Non-dmg teleportation version of rocketeer. Fired a blue or orange portal that would connect to another portal.

Zaz Field:

Can only be found in the source code and doesn’t have a drawing for it. Not fully programmed I believe.


Shown in several Prookl vids; has no sprite and has the ability to fully seize control of a player’s movements and move them wherever

Unidentified Weapons:

Deer Staffs:

Were originally planned to be melee weapons in the game for mobs to use, but the devs couldn’t figure out how to implement it.

Green Cake Cannon:

My best guess is that this is a future evolution of the cake cannon planned for update 3.0+

Dagger, Other Sword, and Lightsword:

I’m guessing these are a chain with dagger being T2 and lightsword being T4

Shuriken and Boomerang:

Similar to the swords ig, planned for a future update; possibly in the same chain


Likely the shovel-like thing under the pyrusbow. I searched through the files and found a weapon referenced to as “item”, which i’m guessing is this. Planned for future updates ig.

The green cake cannon is a slime launcher actually

O cool