Selling Back Skins?

Can we just sell it back and get the coins? Maybe we only get 90% back or something. I don’t mean selling it to other players though, as that would break everything like people have said before. Kinda like taking out a mortgage in monopoly.

One example of WHY I would like this is because sometimes I buys skins but don’t like the sword (which you cant see in the preview) and I could get my hard earned coins back.

  • I would like this too!
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i saw these On The Discord Too

I agreed

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There has already been a topic about this.

Btw, I found a way to check the sword from the shop. Just right click the image of a skin from the shop and select “Open Image in New Tab”, then just change the URL so it is “skinSword.png” at the end instead of “skinPlayer.png”.

Change it to


Thank you but…

  1. That topic was closed so I couldn’t comment on it
  2. It was still different than this, That one suggested selling to other players, mine doesn’t

Thank you for the trick though!

As shadow said, it’s already been discussed. If you want the topic reopened just pm me. Please refrain from doing this in the future. Thanks.