It’s time for the SFC FINALS!!!

Our final contestants: @Slapadabass @GiggaPoggers @Number1 will be battling it out to take home the win!

Thing are going to work differently for this final challenge.
Instead of completing 1 challenge, you will race to complete 3!
After completing a challenge and showing me, you will get your next challenge.
The first person to do all 3 challenges wins! (Also getting your challenge revealed means you’re eliminated.)

You have 3 days (Wednesday 12pm est) to complete all three challenges first! (If somehow no-one wins the person with the most progress wins.)

Good luck to our final contestants!


you didn’t even say the challenges

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tommorrow it starts

Lol, I was making new challenges because I thought the ones I had left were lame

No, it’s today.

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