Shadowblade's Vice Presidential Campaign (November 2023)

Detailed Version

Greetings everyone. My name is Shadowblade and I am running for vice president of the forum.

I firmly believe that I am well-suited for this position, given my extensive experience both in (joined June, 2022) and on the forum (joined August, 2022). During my time here on this forum, my main goal is always to serve as a voice of reason, to be someone who people can rely on for advice and for support. And as vice president, I would continue to do just that.

Though I have not created many topics myself, I have engaged in many topics, providing my perspective and feedback, whether it is skin posts, discussions relating to the game, fun off-topic posts, et cetera. The opinions I post are often well-received by the community and I hope that as vice president, I can continue to serve the role as a reliable adviser.

As a vice president, I will try my best to fulfill my duties and responsibilities honorably, listening to any concerns and feedback from my fellow forum members, stepping up to substitute for the President if needed, and most importantly, giving support and guidance as much as I can.

If I can choose one phrase to describe myself (which may or may not be taken from a John Wick movie), it would be “I will be of service :tea:

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Reasons why you should consider voting for me as vice president:
(if you can, please read the detailed version tho :slight_smile: )

  • I can serve as a valuable adviser to both the president and the community.
  • I am active both in game and on the forum.
  • I am decent in swordbattle PVP, so I can fend off most assassins (looking at you ANGEL :sweat_smile: ) if needed.
  • I like tea. ← (This is the selling point right here folks)

Im better cause my tea has … ummm tea in it :ok_hand:


sir, :skull:
I’m not reading a whole essay but i’ll vote for you anyways.(not bcus ur mi friend)


This means that he is…one of the best ever…

But you have my vote, friend… :slight_smile:


i vote shadow


Any human blood in your tea?


@shadowblade you should run for president you are the most helpfull person tryien to get president


Ill vote


Thank you for all your support everyone :heart:

Thank you so much frumpy!

Sadly no, just plain green tea. You’re welcome to add some yourself if that’s what you’re looking for.

Lol, trying to run for president is too ambitious for me.


I am 100000000000000000000000000% sure I’m voting for you. :fire:

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First time knowing that there’s a president thing.

I should run for it too ig?

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