Should I try to become unknown?

Should I try to become unknown, an you guys have to guess who I am?

  • yes comment num of days I should try too and not over a week
  • no
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No matter what you do, moderators and admins will most likely still know who you are.


If your smart it may take a sec but if coder really wants to there is another way to check that makes it a good bit harder

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I meant on the game bruh lmao

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?? i meant ill change my name/make new acc on the game and you guys guess who i am

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Yeah I know


Wdym tho?

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No one cares. Waste of storage

C’mon lighten up it’s just for fun after all

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I’m not gonna say but when fish was admin it was his way of checking for alts

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Just for fun, not that serious bro lmao

Ok I’ll do it, so wants to guess can guess


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