Skin by echo

skin Screenshot_2023-02-20_2.26.24_AM-removebg-preview-modified
sword Screenshot_2023-03-05_2.27.22_AM-removebg-preview

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The sword is uhm… I can’t explain it, the skin itself is 100% copyright.


yeah no doubt the sword looks terrible no off


i quit

you can look anywhere for this skin, but you wont find it because i made it

Okay I’ll look

It look good you used a website though I think and that dragon is probably a element on that website also you have to be top 15 for skin

oh ok

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actually its not

bro you didnt have to say it like that, chill

ya i though that was allowed
but i made a new version that is hand drawn (on the computer of course)

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Honestly love this and would buy it but people say its copywritefd.

its not tho

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I like it :(

why cant this be added it is better than echo 2 and looks good

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