Skins from chests and new chest

In future there may be skins that can be obtained only from chests.

Only player who destroyed the chest have chance to get the skin.

If you get the skin you receive the message ingame.

Also there may be very rare “Lucky chest” that have high chance to drop skin but don’t drop coins( spawn chance - 1/100000 ( 0.001%) ).


Brown chest - 1/1000000 (0.00001%)

Red chest - 1/700000 (0.000143%)

Blue chest - 1/520000 (0.000192%)

Green chest - 1/250000 (0.0004%)

Gold chest - 1/100000 ( 0.001%)

Purple chest - 1/33333 ( 0.003%)

Lucky chest - 1/200 (0.5%)

Please don’t tell me “its impossible to get” The chances are VERY high and fair relatively to that how many chests destroyed per day. And it will also motivate people to hunt for skins.



I feel like it would be best if it was guaranteed that it would be new skins for the person finding it and that the skin price matched the rarity of the chest.

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It may be “special skins” and you cant buy them with coins

wouldnt be bad

Ok. but also there should be a chance to get normal skins. If we take the database of all skins and subtract the skins that the person owns then it would guarantee new skins, so a chance to get both special and normal skins?

nice mr idea man

Umm nah, normal skins shouldnt be able to drop.

Why not?

My idea was for some very interesting skins(maybe even “acol” that someone created awhile ago)
I mean it doesnt matter how many coins you have, you need to grind and be lucky. Its the point.


That does not mean that you should not let normal skins drop as well, how would having normal skins drop make it so you do not have to grind and get lucky for the special skins.

I dont like it, and tbh it a lot eaiser to buy all the skins(apart from dragon skin) then if you get that lucky to drop at least one, and it also would be bruh moment if you just get very cheap normal skin.

What about making different chances for normal and special skins or having them both drop out of the chest so if the chest drops a skin you are guaranteed a normal and special skin?

Meh, I dont support that idea, ask Gautam

Yes, Gautam will decide, I was just putting ideas out there.

would be cool but kinda waste of grinding

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Dont waste your time on games, earn money $$$

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yea i guess lol

i agree with acol it would be more sense for special skins to drop so thy know you didint buy it instead you got chest

yea i agree too