Smh what did i do?

Why am i being constantly anoned i understand anoning me for pretending to be king but why was my redcafe acc anoned for no reason when i wasnt even on the forums thats so weird and has to stop bruh

Aren’t you darealanderjack?

No that’s monke :skull:
Now idk if monke is darealanderjack
But still

He admitted to being darealanderjack iirc

Oh he did?
Ok then nvm lol

No maybe I’m wrong, are you dareal? I wont ban you just curious.

No i didnt what are you yapping about?

My bad you sounded kind of like him so I thought that, anyways I merged all your previous accounts with your new account. I should stop doing this, still the name redcafemanager and that pfp rings a bell somewhere…

Bluecafemanager lmao

alr i was just wanted to know its fine since if my name is close i understand how you may think im a banned person

How do you get anoned?

Monke changed his username to KING to troll, and KING did some pretty bad stuff and was banned.


no king was banned and i pretened to be him and got anoned

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