Sneak peak at my next big plan [ :) ]

so as you all might know, i like gaming a lot. and i also love creating videos about stuff!!

sooo… i have decided recently that i will be starting a youtube channel!!

i will not tell u guys the name of the channel because i don’t want my forum account to be affiliated with my youtube one, or vice a versa. (privacy reasons) however…i can tell you what the youtube channel will be about.


more specifically, minecraft pvp. but i’ll put a little twist to it for uniqueness…

instead of playing on a computer, like i normally do, i will try to master minecraft pvp on mobile. (that means on a phone, or, in my case, ipad.)

i think this post is just about over…oh, and also, in case you were wondering, from time to time i will post more about my youtube channel, like when i actually start it, but that’s it for the time being.

that’s all for now!


Awesome! Will Swordattle be showcased at all?

i might mention in in my profile, but i wanna generally focus on one game for content, y’know?

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i might even make a seperate yt for at some point!

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Nice! Its too bad we won’t get to see it though.

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I was thinking about starting a youtube channel for

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