so i tried

(note: because of my temporary leave, this will be one of the only posts for today.)

so recently @Gruffazilla posted something about their first iogame,

and so i decided to try it out!

overall super fun - i think the abilities are a nice twist! (i prefer shield). with or without players, the game is fun - i like the reload mechanics and pretty much all the gun mechanics!

the mobs are fun too, good to train aim and fun to shoot down.

the only suggestions i would have is clean up the edges of the map, and add another reload mechanic with the r press (but make it slightly less efficient then auto-reload)

and, the last thing: some ability suggestions -

  • buff artic freeze for mobs
  • teleport should be changed a little (a bit flimsy)

overall, great game. 9/10.

Do the mobs do damage?

yeah, although it is less than with players

actually, that might be another idea - buff the mob damage.

wait, is there non-mobile support? because i can only get mobile controls

yeah, there is non-mobile support - strange.

fun fact if you look closer at fury what does it remind you of? and no i not telling you you know who u are because u was asking everyone last time to know what that words means and it best we don’t tell u now this is one way the forum is gonna be coming back from the dead and making it popular

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