so i tried using default skin again..

default skin. the very first skin new players are given when they start swordbattling…i’ve long since been maining a non-default skin…most recently, the suit skin.

but i wondered…how would it feel using the default skin again? and so thats what i did.

first off, it kinda felt nostalgic lol. i havent really used default skin since v1…so it was interesting to use now.

also, me being a suit skin player with the long sword, it felt weird to be using such a short sword. it felt like i had lost some reach, but again that’s just phsycological.

one thing i tried was flicking/360ing on the default skin…for some reason it felt harder (also looked interesting).

i think it might be because the default skin is pretty much symmetrical, wheras in the suit skin one side is curved.

overall i would definitely try this again! very interesting, especially since i havent used it in a while.

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