Solar system skin remake

I have made a remake of the solar system skin there are two options black space dark purple space and also I was a bit pressed for time so Neptune and Uranus aren’t finished aswell as they could be. I could add shading but does space have shading?

Criticism is appreciated (not insults)

  • Dark purple space
  • Black space
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:fire: skin

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Danke but do you have any possible improvements I could make I wanna get better also I just feel like somethings off about it idk what tho

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sun looks like a cheese

the shading on the sun makes it look like it’s made of glass or something

Ok I’ll make it a bit more contrasty

space, the final frontier

Isn’t that a Star Trek reference

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make the asteroid belt more visible and the moon

Ok I’ll add more spots and opacity

Ok first of all made sun not look like cheese(i think)

Secondly, made the asteroid belt more clear along with earth

And thirdly, I realised u can make some cool badges

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umm is the sun pooping?

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other than that remove background and make sure it is correct size

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i like the original skin u posted better ngl

It doesn’t have a sword tho and I’ll do that later

Way better than mine ngl.

It wont be added

Awww oh well