Solution to language barrier решение языкового барьера

Well as you can see communication is quite difficult and I am sure moderation will be aswell. I propose that you have a feature where you choose your language eg. English/Russian then if someone speaks a different language it would auto translate into your language

Ну, как видите, общение довольно сложное, и я уверен, что модерация тоже будет. Я предлагаю, чтобы у вас была функция, позволяющая выбирать язык, например. Английский/русский, тогда, если кто-то говорит на другом языке, он будет автоматически переведен на ваш язык.


Idk if it possible to do but it is just a suggestion

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Are you talking about the forum or also in Swordbattle?

In forum since I think it would be easier here

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I would if translation APIs were free…

Awww so you can’t get someone to code it?

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Maybe LibreTranslate?


Or DeepL API

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I’ll take a look, I think Discourse has a translation plugin, maybe nows the time to use it)


Nice Discourse Translator


Wither king thank you! Our saviour

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Why do we need intl chat AND gen chat then? Itll translate no?

Is it being used?

Different cultures exist I mean

But if the lang is translated to the preferred lang of eavh user it wont matter what lang anyone types in meaning into chat kight be a waste of space

And a lang yranslator would make modding eadier…

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But it might work but it’s gonna be expensive to run translation like I said before

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Maybe when forum grows then ig

Makes sense I’ll consider it

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But like translation every single chat message is expensive if it isn’t why do you think the chat giants like Discord don’t offer kt