Someone make a Swordbattle V2 PvP tierlist

@WASD rank me from when we 1v1ed though (hopefully) I’ll get better

Skillz is very skilz

You’re barely on F-tier, I don’t even know how that’s possible

I’m a C+ if I do say so myself
I’m my prime I was a beast tho ngl :sob:

Yeah slap would cook me everytime bro

slap was top 1 and acol had no match so that’s why he quit

Lmao I don’t think I’ve ever 1v1d you when I was good

you did in v1 I saw you grinding in Europe and you destroyed me

I might be a B right now because my hand is broken

I do remember fighting wasd
He made a video on it but now it’s privated :(

Yo I’m like PURE MID. Like there are days were I’m like top-tier and go through top 10 like nothing and there are days where I’m absolute Z-tier and die to some noob roacher bot. That range puts me straight up in the very middle of middle-tier.

this was legit forgotten where da tierlist :augh:

Honestly let me do may PVP tier list

S Tier

  • Number1
  • ShadowBlade
  • Angel
  • Wasd (Maybe B-tier)

B Tier

  • Penguin
  • BattleShip
  • coolguy
  • Slapadabass (if we was online)

C Tier

  • Gautam
  • VictorBattler
  • incog

idk for the others honestly

amma just make a tier list for it

I think penguin’s S-tier, we’ve 1v1ed for a bit a week ago or so.

amma put her in B tier because I’ve beat here before so maybe it was luck

Yo, here G-MAN’s Offical tier-list:
no real order

(Number1) S+
(Penguin) A+
(ShadowBlade) S
(Angel) S+
(Battleship) B+
(CoolGuy) A-
(Slapa) B
(Gautam) C+
(VictorBattler) A+
(A-Bot) B-
(Incognitoe) B-
(G-MAN) A-
(Lil’Tim) S+++
(Jesus Christ) S++++++++++++
(Manage) A-
(F1NN) C+
(DesertShadow) D+
(Nukes) E+
(John) G
(Flame) A-
(Sad) F+
(Monke) B-
(ArticGlacier) B-
(Futurepear) B+
(Frumpy) A+
(Jasper) A+
(GiggaPoppers) B+
(O12mds) C+
(Skillzzz) S-
(Fish) Z- (I’m trollin. hes actually S-)
(Leon) Bros not even on the Alphabet. Whats below Z again?
(Krekekere) C+
(Random_Guy) B++
(Lewcan) Q+

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W PVP List. None-Biased…well maybe I put fish alittle low on the tier-list but we don’t talk about that.


im trollin, G. Fish is like A+, maybe S-. S if hes hitting clutch.

Better >:[