Something that happened in school

In P.E. today, I was doing the pacer test ( )
and I started feeling dizzy, then my chest started to feel weird, then I was gasping for air, but I kept on running. Once I got to around lap 140 I quit and talked to the P.E. teacher, by that time, my breathing was so raspy and loud that a lot of people were asking me if I was alright. The P.E. teacher took me to the nurse and she measured my oxygen level (this was about 10 minutes after I stopped) My oxygen level was 85% this was happening in cross country. My Latin teacher, also my advisor suggested I might have asthma only when I exercise, but I dont think that is it I swam 200 fly last week and I was fine (the breathing stuff has been going on for like 2 months) Ik none of you are experts, but do you have any idea what this could be

Its because you tryhard, and don’t stop even when your body is telling you to.

pain is just weakness leaving the body

lol, last year I was completely fine, I got first in the paser test, and I could run 2 miles so easy

glaceon, can you try and describe what by breathing was like

Oh, maybe its covid!

you know that’s not it, what has happened for like the past 2 months in x country

COVID is just really annoying pain leaving the body

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I doubt I would have covid for over 2 months

COVID was not fun. When I was walking, I felt like I was gonna passout every 5 seconds. My head felt strangely tingly, and my throat hurt terribly.

:+1: covid feels horrible, this was nothing like it.

Well you looked horrible, and like you were going to die, so…

was it really that bad? also what was by breathing like?

If it was that bad then why did you make a post about it?
It was like if someone had covid and was trying to breathe.

1st part: ?
2nd part, which is bad?

Yes, covid is very bad. I had it.

Dawg I’ve had covid since the saturday when thanksgiving break started and I finally tested negative today, I feel pretty lucky now because the only thing I got was constant coughing and the stupid nose problems

I had COVID once, but I felt fine, just like a regular cold.


well, I am breathing fine now, its only when I run