Sound design issues

Ok I just tried the game with audio and yeah.
The sound for taking damage is just straight up ripped from minecraft, the damaging enemies sound is some random metal clank, and there is no music whatsoever??

However I don’t really care about any of these (major) sound issues, my main problem is with the coins. IT IS EXTREMELY UNSATISFYING AND REPITITIVE. A better choice would be some kind of pop or like the sound a water drop makes when it hits the ground, which would be much more satisfying and less assaulting my ears, especially when picking up a large pile from a chest.


might be ur chromebook or whatever

just turn off volume then


Sound shud be remade

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1v1 pls

that’s going around a problem not fixing it, like putting a bucket under a leaking roof instead of patching it

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I do agree. The sound design in this game is pathetic.
It’s not hard to make good sounds either. ;/
Hopefully this is changed in v2…


i play sb with the sound off

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bruh i can literally make better sounds with my mouth than what is currently in the game :skull: :skull:


just make the music super reverbed and everytime you get hit it should be a scream and coin sounds should be explosions

Eh it isn’t the worst nor the best however the halloween music was amazing


Frumpy was not here for Halloween I think

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im not agreeing or disagreeing with halloween music im saying its not even mediocre its just plain horrendous

Fair enough what do you expect, I just googled up sounds :rofl:

If anyone can make following sounds, I’ll really appreciate it:

  • coin collecting
  • swinging sword
  • take damage
  • deal damage
  • throw sword

There can also be multiple sounds for the same action, that’ll be cool too (sounds will be randomized)


i will do this

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