Soundstorm Skin (COMPLETED!)

Soundstorm Skin
Price: 2.5m
Description: would be cool, but it only plays country music

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Let me know what you think! What do you like/not like?


why is every skin you make is related has a katana sword and thin

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ngl it’s good that way

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yeah, i’m still working on the melee, right now its just a blue version of the old one xd

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Fix sword


@ManagePasswords @Slapadabass Thanks for your feedback!

How does this look? :slight_smile:

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… thats epic

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thanks :flushed:

the sword is the best part

Looks pretty awesome! I dunno how exactly the sword is related to the skin, but it looks epic nonetheless. Keep up the good work!

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the sword is the treble clef and music notes if you look closely

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somehow, contrary to laserfoil, where the body was amazing and the sword was almost as cool, the sword is amazing and the body is catching up

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yeah, I’ll spend more time on the aesthetics in future skins. Thanks for helping become a better skin designer!

i feel like i am your hardest critic

not in the slightest

@Slapadabass It’s a treble clef, supposed to resemble a line of music

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Ooh, I see it now. Cool!

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it is good sword

if u DM me i can give suggestions

It is a cool skin and sword