Spawnkill {UN} Fakers!

I have had enough of these wretched fakers! They are a waste of space and most the time all they do is roach! So even if they say “they need another 5 days” KILL them! Why? They might be lying and they could quit and touch grass in the time they wait to change it back to normal.

  • Spawnkill fakers >:))))))
  • Don’t spawnkill fakers >:(((((
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Link to the list of UN members ^


Seems like a landslide atm XD

Even more of a landslide gawd dayum

list of real members?

Here @GiggaPoggers

Spawnkilling’s pretty toxic, I wouldn’t do it.

True humility happens when you beat them down when they’re at their best.

Ig but what is the point? :augh: They never learn! I have tried to no avail

Still, no need to resort to spawnkilling. Remember, fight with :sparkles: honor :sparkles:

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dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fakers


some goober guessed my pass and made my user un-GiggaPoggers mb

he-he-hell naw

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That made me audibly laugh.

I’m not even joking that happened, I thought my acc was deleted

did they do anything bad?

idk I haven’t used my acc

did u change the password with gauntam?

yeah surely nobody will guess it a third time (:smug:)

welp i just tried giggaPoggersD@bezt69 and that seemed to work, might wanna change that one