special mentions to realmz forum users:

@futurepear : thank u for making this all a possibility
@7Clappz : thank u for standing up to me
@saw and @Saw_alt : thank u for putting me in my place
@Herz : thank u for being my longest frend in-game
@Kekereke : thanks for making sure that i dont get too crazy
@penguin : thank u for helping me not only in realmz, but in sb too


me not here

Tysm to you for all youve done for this game

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what is that supposed to mean

it means that u’ve shown my arrogant self where i belong in the realmz community

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your longest friend in game is also the first person on your hitlist (im not even kidding herz is blue purple)


is that supposed to be good or bad?

no hes not ive seen blue purple and herz on at the same time moving simotaneously

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btw its good

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just saying if you hold down a or d and switch to another tab you will keep going left or right

same with w/up, although there’s not much of a use for autojump

i think that i need to listen to u more and stop posting things like getting u banned
i think that i need to be more attentive to ur posts


blue purple spawnkills me but herz doesnt so idk but sure i will listen

btw @saw do u want my xp rn