Spooky Story! (First in a while)

She woke up in a small, dark room.

She was tied to a chair, and as she struggled against her bonds, she began to take in her surroundings. Looking around, she couldn’t see much, but a small ray of light shone on a gardening shovel. The light came from a crack in the roof, and it seemed to be her only connection to the outside world.

It took many hours, but eventually, she painstakingly untied the rough rope around her hands, then made quick work of her other chains, freeing herself. She looked at the sliver of light again. It was getting noticeably darker. Night was approaching. She was still tired, but she pushed on.

Looking to the side, she spotted the shovel from earlier, and walked towards it. She lifted the gardening tool with great difficulty, the dull glint of the shovel head illuminating the room in a soft, dull light. Then, she hurled the shovel at the ceiling, throwing her entire body weight with the blow. With every strike, the crack grew larger, and more light shone into the tiny room. Soon enough, the gap was large enough for a person her size to squeeze through.

Using the chair as a springboard, she jumped for the opening, her hands clawing at something, anything. Her fingers clasped onto the roof of the building, and she grabbed on for dear life. With her depleted strength, she heaved herself onto the top.

She was at the highest point of a tall building, surrounded by roads and other structures, dwarfing the one she was standing on. She turned around, looking for something to use to get down. Behind her, a door leading to a long flight of stairs stared back at her. She still knew nothing of how she got up there, and snippets of her past life were dancing out of reach.

How would she get down? Had she lost her memory? But most importantly, who was she? All the answers to these questions lay behind the unassuming, gray door directly in front of her. There was a metal padlock on it, though, and she reached back into the room for the shovel, intending to break it using the tool.

It was just out of reach, a mere centimeter away from her outstretched fingers. She mustered one last burst of strength, and grabbed it by the bottom of the handle. With a heavy slam, she broke the padlock in three strikes, each one a bit weaker than the last.

As the ominous door loomed over her, she twisted the handle and pulled. Slowly, she walked down the endless onslaught of stairs. A door was at the end of the hallway. She opened it, not knowing what to expect.

In front of her was a busy street, with cars honking and people talking from all directions. She found a black wooden bench, and sat on it. It was night, and she was exhausted. Her drowsiness overtook her, and she fell into the soft, warm clutches of sleep.

She woke up in a small, dark room.

Hope you like it, and I’m always open to constructive criticism!


Very Mysterious and ominous.


happy anniversary!




Oooooo ominous indeed!

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