Story of how angle- i mean angel kidnapped me

Chapter 1,

It was a cold stormy night talking to angel the usual thing I do on forum, i check the time its like 1:45am for me and I’m ready to head to bed so i tell angel “goodnight” and than tells me “goodnight num” after tells me “dont look outside;)”

And after i hear a something outside im confused and i peak out my window to see someone there i get scared and i turn back to alert mt brother but hes not there i check my parents room no ones there and i just see a red light outside and someone running closer to me verg quickly and i just scream after seeing darkness

A few hours pass after i got knocked out and a bag was put over me but i gain back my consciousness and i feel like im tired to a chair and from the little peak i see the back of some girl standing there with a halo untill out of no where she disappeared and behind me i hear breathing and i get a cloth on my face and i csnt breath and i go unconscious…

to be continued

Okay but dude how do so many people manage to mistype it as angle like its so stupid its like calling me cold guy 53

I made up the joke i called angel angle bisector and ppl copied me

now im just going to call you that from now on

maybe you did make the joke but people have calling angel “angle” ever since she’s been on the forum-


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Ye it has been a joke before number1 joined I think

nu I made it 2 years ago

normal very normal in ohio

what behind the blue? :thinking:

People have been calling me “angle” for a very long time now:(

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Private stuff that dont concern you

dang bro chill it wasn’t that deep if it was deep ok :+1:

Im chill wdym???

i said if it was deep?

oh ok

wanna see a magic trick?

dw I will never call you “angle” at least, not on purpose :heart:

not going to flag you for it but this is off-topic :slightly_smiling_face: make sure to post stuff that’s somewhat related to the thread!!

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