- strange

so for those of you who dont know, i have played both swordbattle v1 and v2.

the strange thing is…

many people i’ve seen very active on v1 i’ve seen only once, or not at all, in swordbattle.io v2.

the thing is, there is still around the same amount of people on v2 than on v1 (can’t tell exactly what number is on v2 due to the approximate system).

so right know, i’m thinking that this might be because, according to the how much do you like v2 poll, the two highest percentages are people who think it’s amazing - the ppl who are playing v2 as regularly or more than v1 - and ppl who think they could quit - ppl who go on less or not at all.

what do you guys think?

Well imo ppl who invested a lot of time into PvP have been nerfed insanely hard by the update so they are unhappy. But for me it is just visuals mainly


v2 = exact same as v1 but nice graphics

I also think it’s because grinding is less fun in general. Not enough skins, only tier 1 evolutions, stuff like that. Its a good thing those will be added soon.

i hate it since my account was deleted or failed to transfer in the swap :/

Inconsistent gameplay makes it annoying to play

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