Stuck inside - Chapter 1

I am Micheal. I love playing video games, especially fighting ones. One day, I was playing, which was my favorite game at that time. I was just bored, roaming around stabbing people, but then, something weird happened. There was a black hole in the game. At first I thought it was a glitch, but that wasn’t true, it was just there, looking like it wanted you to come in.

Me wanting to get some views from this, turned on my live stream and decided to go into the hole. I wasn’t scared, it was a stupid game right? I walked closer and closer, and got to the point where my sword reached it.

I swung at it a few times, but nothing happened. “I’m going in” I said out loud as I jumped inside. The world went dark for a moment, and when I opened my eyes (yes in the real world), I was in a grass land. I couldn’t believe it. “Where am I?” I asked myself. I looked around, and saw a chest, exactly like in

I tried to walk up to it, except I couldn’t. I was gliding. I couldn’t feel my legs moving at all. I was so confused. I tried to look at myself, but I had no left hand. Only a right hand. I had no legs, just a circle. Then it hit me. I am no longer playing, I am inside it.

Then, another player walked to me. He was like 10 times smaller than me. I thought maybe I can ask him for help.

“Hey can you help me go back to the home?” I asked, because he seemed like a nice guy, so why not. But instead of answering me, he kept walking towards me.

“Hey! can you hear me!” No response yet. I was so mad.

He kept walking toward me, and once he got close enough, at the speed of light, he swung his sword. “What is wrong with you!”, I yelled. I swung my sword, it felt so heavy in my hands now. Instantly, he was pushed half the map away from me. I could realize the power of my sword, only now.

“Wow…” I thought. Now how am I going to get back? Is there anyone who can help me? I wondered, while looking at the endless repeated grass all around me. “It’s just a dream right?” I thought, trying to swing my sword at myself to wake me up, failing to do so. “Oh how am I going to get out of this?”, I yelled in despair.


CHAPTER 2 is NOW OUT!! Read it here

This is my first story series. I hope you will enjoy this and I will try to make new chapters each day

I hope you liked the concept of this series, and thanks for reading all the way to the end!

This is inspired by @max, who was the greatest storyteller ever in swordbattle. He sadly deleted his own account, and I am continuing his legacy.

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I can’t imagine being stuck in my own game. Great story, can’t wait for part 2.


i can imagen just being in the game it dosent end well though and coder can you imgen geting stuck in the code all i get is headaches looking at it like “where was this variable declared and where is this funtion?”


Id just continue stabbing…


But like wouldn’t you worry about how you are gonna get back like it would feel so weird being in a 2d game

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true i wonder how you would see every thing would be flat and most of the skins dont have eyes


I am all ready stuck in it saving up for the dragon skin

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I wonder like would we see ourselves? because that’s how it is in the game.


that would be disturbing for sure


Blood loss and pain for noobs

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i ONLY HAVE LIKE 500,000 i’m dog water


this is good! keep going!


Wait can I help with story ideas:]


great keep up the good word


Very good but every other day since I think that would improve the quality of the stories


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