Suggestions next update prob

swordbattle and realmz/erth 1/2 should make a colabrate
like the skins make them 2d and realmz and swordbattle should make a blue and red skin more of detailed and make them 2d.

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Theres this

I already made the swordbattle skin for realmz but I’ll prob have to change some things
I’ve already been making a realmz skin for swordbattle since then but I’ve barely spent any time on it so I’ll have to work on it too

I think its a good idea, cuz the realmz skin in swordbattle can have a description saying its from realmz and the swordbattle skin in realmz can straight up be called “swordbattle․io” and it’ll make sense even without a description

But yeah I don’t think you can really do anything else other than skins, theres already a sword class in realmz so you can’t add a swordbattle sword as a class or something and I’d say that none of the classes in realmz can be added to swordbattle but thats a whole different story I don’t wanna explain

Who made that post? guess we will never know.

hmm swordbattle and realmz crossover