Should i change my user to BUMBUM or leave it

  • Leave it
  • Change it
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Also Should i start my own clan

  • Yes
  • No
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leave it


The 07 is what makes bumbum07 bumbum07 it adds a little bit of personality


alr thanks

And clan is a big no from me. There is around ten clans and because there’s only around ~50 people that are active on the forum consistently(which is where people usually join or find out about your clan) meaning that the clan choices have been oversaturated basically making everyone taken. While all this could be seen as a good thing for new people, it just gets plain confusing after a while.

Oh and consider joining a clan like undefeated it has great people like Frager, Slap and Flame.


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What about me ):

I knew this was gonna happen I put them cuz slap and Frager own it and flame used to own another clan

merge IK into undefeated?

XD you know what sure but remember that ik has people already in other clans for fun

Please could you get a list of the peeps?

Da PEeps

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