Summer Returneth

I hath returneth.

Although I have much more work to do than before, I shall attempt to at least access the forum daily.

It warms even a cold-blooded frog’s heart to see everyone who cared I was gone, even if just for a short period.

To all of you, you have my thanks, and keep being awesome. :frog:



Hey Frump, long time no see, its great to see you again man, how have you been

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Thanks, good to see you too, it has been very crazy in my life lately but I’ll do my best to stay active everyday :frog:

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Welcome back @Frumpy :frog:

Hi welcome back :smile: :shoot: ← gun of welcoming!!

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i was also gone for a while so I didn’t notice you were gone

about 5 - 8 days i was gone

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