Super bowl 2024

The super bowl is today!
Who do you think will win?
Personally I think the 49’ers will win but the Chiefs will probarbly win because of scripting.


The Super Bowl is scripted?!


Nah it’s a joke. Its just that some of the playoff results have been pretty surprising.

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Yeah apparantly cheifs are gonna win bc taylor swift?

I got my spoon ready

49ers will win ofc

did u write the notice :joy:

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :joy:

BRO SAID 49ERS WILLL WINNN Kansas City Chiefs - Google Search

l dang

I knew it was rigged

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Bro it was not RIGGED :anger:

Bro peopple always saying that like Sthu :angry:

Idc it’s just funny to make people mad by saying it was rigged :rofl:

bro they be scripting squid games too and that one wanted video from the wanted youtube channel.

No, but WWE is.

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its obviously staged