Superbowl 2024

gautam thought 49ers would win :rofl: :rofl: Kansas City Chiefs - Google Search kansas kingdom :crown:


Bro this is literally why I was laughing theres a 50% chance the entire thing was scripted

bro nothing was scripted :anger:

Cheifs won

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what did i see that want me to bleach my eyes


I dont see why people like watching sports. Like, you’re watching someone else do stuff, and for what?

I thought it is because of the team and also their skill?

Youtubers are crying with this one

You could literally apply that arguement to almost everything people like to do.

My take: no need to mix a idol with the biggest sporting event in the usa

Closing this topic because it’s causing unnecessary drama.

it was rigged

WHAT!!! I didn’t know joe did it…


didn’t know zuko had anger issues :laughing: :roll_eyes: