Survival Tips

Don’t waste time buying food from the store, it’s walking around you a lot.

If the sky is red, that means red is your favorite color, you are filled with red so you should rip yourself open and spread the best color around.

Breathing is exhausting if you do it all the time, so you should stop every once in a while, take an hour break from it.

If its super hot outside that’s an excuse to not wear clothes in public.

Buy as many rugs as you can, then put them on the walls.

If you snore a lot, seal your mouth and nose shut while you sleep.

Don’t go to the doctor, they are suspicious, all those questions they ask about your health is really weird and dangerous.

If a child abducts you and forces you to become its parent you should NOT agree.

We are watching you.

You could fall up into the sky at any moment, weigh yourself down with an anchor.


If you do not like a book, set the author on fire.

If another homeless person wants your box, kill them.

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sounds like a good io game idea

average prookl


Half the time he is wise and the other half he is scary :skull:

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Thanks for the advice!

Its topics like these that make me think the skull emoji should be brought back.

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Fr skull emoji for life!

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Whoever put this should be praised

I wonder who did that?

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