i can be on rn


yo sry, lets set a time tomorrow, that good?

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lets say 10:30: am USA 1 server?

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ok i gotchu

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10:30 am

what time zone

EST, if thats too early for you we could change it no problem

I mean, if you both are here, might as well do it now?


i guess but i have to go soon

alright @_MV_UN_Faraway_Flame hop on swordbattle usa 1 rn we’ll meet at bottom left corner

if you want we could do a rigged duel where you get a chest and kill me

oh shoot we need xp tho we need to be at least tanks

lvl10 duel, got it?

guys do this in general/swordbattle chat please, no need to clog up the topics


i’ve never done one before but sure!

cyclone won (i suck at pvp)

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thas cap u were good

big brain

bro how do u lose to cyclone

NAH IM TAKING THAT PERSONALLY (jk lmao i suck at pvp)