Swordbattle.io lore ep 1

(Somewhere on earth) A child has discovered a superpower, a power that allows him to create a new universe. His name would live on in the history books as “coder or god damn.” He made a world called Sword battle.io and the first players were his friends whom he mercilessly trapped in the game to test out the unstable realm. There was no such thing as logging out, he hadn’t made it yet. His friends would soon lose their sanity and be molded into the so-called bots of sword battle.io servers. Then coder would make his realm accessible using a portal link so other players can come and play the game, he became famous though he sucks at his game he doesn’t care because he is the supreme ruler. Two of the most beloved players would rise from this age, the so-called golden age of swordbattle.io. Angel (the female with a bad temper) and Acol (the teamer) would both live on forever as they carve their mark on the leaderboard. But the golden age would not last long as more people joined coder realized his control of the realm was limited, there were leaks and glitches that had plagued his game and he would avoid it no more. It was then that the coder decided to start upgrading his realm to be able to have more advanced aspects so the players would stay if he didn’t start acting soon all of his fame would be lost.

This lore is based on real facts.


Nice newspaper bro

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Cool man, i can just hop in and out of the Swordbattle.io universe dude

lol now everyone can see it glitched XD

Angel (the female with bad temper) :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

this will not end well for you

Its accurate

No its not real especially the part where it says “Angel (the female with a bad temper)” I don’t have tht much of a bad temper and when u see me get annoyed in gen chat thts bc u guys act worse than animals and u haven’t seen anything yet if u think I have a “bad temper” you have only seen 1% of it.

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You banned me over a mispelled word

Not only that but everything else that u have said on gen before in the past and every ban is only gonna get worse also pm me about this so we don’t get off topic.

My past actions were pardoned.

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u sat here and wrote all this just to get laughed at :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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sounds like gatdamn.io

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no, i wrote it so people would be distracted from my other actions :]

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