Swordbattle.io Ranked

so we would make a Swordbattle.io ranked or maybe @gautam will make it no us :joy So we would have a ranking system and it would have a point of grinding like how much kills you get in a match you get a rank and coins like 100 coins equals 0.01 points when ended a match it will show what rank and maybe @Slapadabass Will make us cool rank achievements or special skins and rank icons :slight_smile:

  • cool idea
  • I dont like it (cause i dont like him added cool thing)
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this is similar to acol’s idea


LOl i never new thought it would be cool since other games are starting to add ranked

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Y’know what I kinda like it!

he said he would add it

That would be cool!

There should still be umranket though

yes there will be a unranked settings like when you put it you put in like on you will put in one server, that one server is ranked server and gautam should take out Usa And change it to ranked

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100% yes lol

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