Swordbattle.io tips and tricks

swordbattle io is a game where lots of people fight off for coins you use these coins for skins. Im gonna help you with some tips

  1. everyone has their own playstyle. You should make your own playstyle too for example me and cosmic warlord play alike but i like to W key people he plays safe.
  2. throwing your sword is important for more damage. What i did is i hit the person im fighting then i throw my sword this is good for extra damage.
  3. if you PVPING someone you wanna play safe because they might be good and if you just W key they can get free hits and they spam throw your sword you will lose most likely.
  4. try to reach 5k before fighting big people 10-20k if your good and your atleast 5k coins what ever evo you use you want to W key big people for extra coins. What i do to get a lot of coins is i push the big people who are low and that gives me a huge jump boost.
  5. Dont be to cocky in fights cosmicwarlord was getting 2v1 once and he needed help luckily his trust worthy student (me) came and save the day people were targeting him because he was a dev for the game.
  6. throw your sword as much as you can. You dont wanna spam hit your sword because other people can throw their sword then you sword to feel the nerve a little bit and thats a free hit for the person you are fighting.
  7. if your cocky dont push people who are on the leaderboard. When i wasnt on the leaderboard i had a great and i mean great fights with a lot of pros like @ManagePasswords @cosmidragon @harsh @anon58412000 (king) @ANGEL and much more so you shouldnt push people who are on the leaderboard because they are prob good so you want the fight the little people and once you get a chance try to fight the big people.
  8. last tip to get easy coins. Crates do give us bunch of coins but not enough so what you want to do is if your atleast 14k coins you should start pushing the top leaderboard of coins to get bunch of coins (reminder if top leaderboard has at least 100k you get less than the 100k maybe 40k or 50 im not sure but you dont get all their coins)
    these are all the tips i have for you thanks a lot

sorry i missed up in grammar lol.

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great tips! but one problem not many peeps would do this bc of a thing called roaching

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Tip: don’t rely on throwing your sword, you could lose a hit, which does over 10x more damage!!!


i only throw to stop healing bc ik tht u regen if ur not hit after so long this is good when fighting someone who goes fast…

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yeah, and berserker and knight heal really fast, but they take a while after getting hit to start healing.
Tank and warrior heal soon after getting hit.
lol, at least coder added healing!!! XD

yea ur right i could me no heal hardcore minecraft lol

yeah, there wouldn’t be any 1 mil runs!! XD
just barely 100,000 ones!! XD


whats your rank in the game?

46# but prob 47 now

oh okay

lol he doesn’t consider u a “good pvper” (then again u arent)

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