Swordbattle.io V2 tierlist

penguin knows how i play u can ask her

Ok, and its a she, lol u didnโ€™t know XD

yes ik i acidently said he ill change it rq

You chase Bluebird??? Man, you must have a lot of patience to chase dat bird around.


wait what HOW DO YOU MAKE editable tierlists


Litterally when anyone sees me chasing them

wiki my guy

Demi where is PHANTOM?!

she rarely online.




jeez people
get a life XD

No deal with it my mom made me do stuff so Iโ€™m not #1 she made me waste 4 hours of precious sb time


โ€œrarelyโ€ lol

beat 40 hours in a week thatโ€™s the same as a job (

I normally get now that itโ€™s summer 30 hours a week

I play 20-30 hours per week. Mostly my friend plays for me. (this was before my school blocked sb)

I can easily destroy you when your hand wasnโ€™t broken

Bad grammar by the way. (can โ†’ could) and no thatโ€™s not true. I still beat you in 1v1 with a broken hand. Youโ€™re lucky @penguin stopped putting you in C tier, so be happy that youโ€™re in A tier. Youโ€™re not as good as Cool guy or Nukes.

I donโ€™t even get the grammar now :sob: before it was said for the funnies but now it is being used seriously :sob:

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