Swordbattle Missions

There should be missions you can do to get coins.

[Easy] Collect 100,000 coins: 67,946/100,000
-50k Coins

[Medium] Earn 50,000 coins in one go: 21,212/50,000
-100k Coins

[Hard] Get 50 kills: 66/50 :white_check_mark:
-250k Coins

This will encourage people to play more and help them get more money for skins.


100%. another thing that would be cool if there were skins that got cooler as you did certain β€œskin” challenges

Actually, that would be cool if the skins had certain challenges based on the skin, or we could just buy the skin(s) if the challenges are too hard

Nice, but divide rewards on 10.


I like it! If this gets approved can I help?

i think there should be even harder goals for us grinders


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