SwordBattle on Replit Laggy

Over the past week, the replit has been extremely laggy, the movements while using replit were very choppy and your character moved randomly, with alot of delay, im sure you have seen the many messages adressing this issue on the replit, i think gautam should try to improve the replit more, because repl is the main source of how people get interested in this game.I also use replit to play swordbattle, because i dont know if theres any other way to play swordbattle.

Yeah replit sucks move on

can you tell me another place to play swordbattle lmao

Go ask @gautam I’m not active here

https://swordbattle.io :skull:

Basic knowledge, he can’t improve replit’s performance. He doesn’t own replit servers or anything, just use https://swordbattle.io

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its still laggy, whenever i move forward and then move back theres like a 2 second delay

That’s an internet issue.

it would be on your end then

I found this game on replit and clicked “go to site”, and it took me to sword-io-game.herokuapp.com. It works fine.

Once a game gets big enough, sites like replit cannot handle it.

yeah i guess its my new internet

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