Swordbattle server crashed and didnt save

So i was playing swordbattle and doing a 1 mil run and the website or server crashed. I had like 750~ k and the progress did not save. basically meaning i wasted an hour. idk what happened but wither can confirm that i had that many coins.


Yeah, unfortunately that happens. I think that happened with Angel when she was so close to hitting 2 mil, but ended with 1.9 mil because the server reset.


why did you impersonate @Reyansh

no but like the run was not saved to my acc

no lol i was on a proxy and couldn’t log into my main

Do you have a screenshot or proof of the run? I can probably credit you the coins still but that’s weird

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so i don’t but wither king logged on when i was at 400 ish k so you should probably ask him

can i get like the 750k added to my acc?


ye, I was there, I actually helped him with 7k (not much)


could u add 750k

Why 750k when u got 400k ish

wait u mean it did not save to you account?
when it saves, and you go back to game, it would let you restart game

no but the coin run didn’t appear and my xp didn’t go up