Swordbattle story part 1

Have you ever wondered what would happen, if your life was a lie? If it was just a computer game? If that little voice in your head, who gave you advice, who helped with your every move, everything you say, even down to every coin you collect, wasnt who you think it is? That’s what happened to me, on the nith of Novembuary. Or whatever what HE calls it.It all started one day. The day that was supposed to be a good day. A great day. It was the day that I had finally gotten 1 Million xp in game. To make things better, I finally got into the top 100. It was HE who had came up with the 1 million xp idea, to mark my entry into the top 100. Afterwards, it was HIS idea to plan the party on the forum, late that night. Tons of people came. It was the best party ever. Then it got even better. When it was almost done, Shadowblade came up to me. “Hey, now that you are in the top 100, would you like to see our secret club”? Secret club? Now this is interesting. Wasn’t a good idea in retrospect. I wish I had never even gotten into the top 100. I said sure, of course and we went to some abandoned building not far off from the forum center, which was nice. Walking into the building, I saw several familiar faces, those like ANGEL, Managepaswords, frumpy, the people you would think would be there. They all greeted me and invited me to sit and talk with them. “So, you’ve been going places lately. You have just entered the top 100, did a 1 mil xp run, and there’s even talk of you becoming tl4 soon” Shadowblade said. ANGEL added, “So we want to let you in on a little secret. Come with us. “How long has HE been away for?” A few hours. The white disk is out, not the red one, remember? The voice usually doesnt talk to us that much when its darker.” I said. “Okay, just checking,” Manage said, while typing on some weird device. Clank. I then saw a door shaped hole in the hallway. We went in. ANGEL, Manage and Frumpy and shadowblade were in front, and Dev3x, zarooma and harsh were right behind me. I could tell that it was getting darker, and I could feel the ice-cold wall brush up against me. It was like this one time, when HE said that he did something called, what was it? Cave? It was a cave something. Soon I could barely see anything, but for some reason I kept going. I kept walking, even though something was telling me to turn back. Or someone. A dim light Illuminated in my face. I knew I was there. In a hushed tone, Manage passwords told me “We are here. It is time you learned the secret. Just has he said this, THUD. I quickly turned back, and saw a body. Dev3x’s body. I then heard “Quick! Come in!” Followed by another thud. This time it was harsh. “YOU HAVE TO COME IN RIGHT NOW, OTHERWISE, YOU ARE GONNA BECOME INACTIVE.” Just as I realized what was going to happen, I began to feel IT happening. I lost my voice. My fingers and toes felt numb. My- And all of the sudden, I was in the room. I looked behind me. The door was sealed shut by some unknown mechanism. Shadowblade then began to speak. “So, Zarooma is inactive. They saved you. Anyway, lets get to business. That voice in your head. Hes not real.” “What? No way.” “Correct. Hes not real, and so isnt this. This is just a game.” “Youre crazy.” “Im not, you want proof? Here.” I dont think I can tell you what I saw. It was so crazy, that youre little TL1 mind would explode. Will you believe me now? “Im sorry, but this is too hard to take in. You are liying and crazy. Goodbye.” “Please dont leave /////////// We have been best friends for years! “Im sorry, but this is my last straw.
So I thought, how could this day get any worse? And then Gautam made the annoucement.
.-- — …- .-… -… / -.-- — …- / -.- . . .–. / -… — … -. --. / … — – . - … … -. --. --…-- / . …- . -. / … …-. / -.-- — …- / -.- -. — .-- / - … .- - / … — – . - … … -. --. / … … / - .-. -.-- … -. --. / - — / … - — .–. / -.-- — …- …–…


Having me become inactive as I become inactive is downright perfect can’t wait for part 2 and the announcement that coder makes


Chat gpt told me that that means “Thou art the captain; speak!”


That can’t be right, that first word is 5 letters.

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