Swordbattle Weekly #2

Yes I am making this a weekly post :smiley:

SwordBattle Weekly #2

First of all, I will be posting Mondays, instead of Friday, it works a lot more with my schedule, and also since Iā€™m going through some changes involving my family in my person life. Anyways please Like and Drop a comment.


This week we will be talking about players! So, the first thing is that you should always remember to ATTACK *them! !<(Tip: Bots & People playing without an account will have a white, while players with accounts will have a blue tag above their name! )!> Check my other Post to learn how to attack. We will be making an account next, first find your way to Swordbattle.io and click on the big Purple Signup button, then fill out the form and check your email! Now you should click the X and make sure that your not already logged in (if it is skip this step). Now click the Big Purple Login button, and enter your credentials.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard is directly above the map, it will show your stats, either under all the players(#1-5) or if your really good you will be on the leaderboard with a blue name for everyone to see on the leaderboard. Next there is the swordbattle account leaderboards & swordbattle.io/[name here] to see your own stats, good luck :D

Thanks For Reading,


If you have any tips that you think I should Include in the post PM me on swordbattle!

I think that you should also put current swordbattle events in this guide.

I think incognitoes is already doing that. Not sure if there would be enough events to be covered by 2 sources


I might

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