Swordbattle Weekly Post

Weekly Tricks & Tips: The Way of The Game

Hello Guys! Welcome to my Weekly Tricks & Tips, it will be a new series about swordbattle’s weird tactics and how to do them. The first 4 Posts, it is just going to be about how swordbattle really works and its basics. Thank You.

Weekly Tricks & Tips: The Way of Swordbattle.io: Week 1

First off I would like to thank you all for looking at my post and reading it! I will try to put a decent amount of effort into these posts, so an upvote would be much appreciated. Alright enough with the thanks.

We will start with how to play the game.

Attacking is LEFT CLICK you will use this to attack other players to get their coins, or in self-defense if another player is attacking you.

Shooting your sword is RIGHT CLICKING you will use this to attack other players in-game for more range (Remember: You CAN NOT use the sword for close combat during this time!)


If you have any tips that you would like to share please DM me!


Nice! Hopefully this becomes a series.


;D dont worry it will happen


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