Swordbattle | YouTube Channel

So I’ve been thinking, they are a few swordbattle videos on YouTube

but have you ever thought of Swordbattle’s Official YouTube Channel?

Obviously, we will need editors and everything but first this needs to be approved by @gautam himself

Basic Information

Obviously, it will be called Swordbattle.io
The logo will be made by me
the banner will also be made by me
so ill be like the thumbnail-making guy

They could be more makers than just me because I’m offline more than before


This is what is going to be the MAIN point of the channel
(I remember a topic about an SB yt channel before but seems like it died)

More Info will be added

I think there already is a sb yt channel


there is


Yeah, but the old guy quit.

yep thats why i made this one

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not a single video

It was deleted

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ok I will try to give you some video recordings of good kills (if I can achieve that)

what wa sdeleted?

The video he posted

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ur on a school computer prob there is videos tho or was

im not on a school computer where did you get that

Sometimes videos get blocked or hidden because of school

they said the video was deleted

When it was posted it was hidden, but it got deleted soon after

oh idk

There used to be a official channel there was only a poll then coder got rid of it the poll was about teaming only 4 people did it and I was the only one who but stab them XD

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