Swordbattle Zombies Reworked?

So I noticed that zombies are no longer aggro towards you and they now act like normal bots.

On the one hand, I feel like this is a good thing because they are no longer annoying and you can finally 1v1 without any interference. But a slight issue I noticed is that while they are able to pick up coins now, they still drop very little gold. I was grinding for a bit earlier today, and I was killed by a zombie at 80k. I thought to myself “No worries, I’ll just get some of my gold back by killing the zombie”… I only got around 300-400 gold back :skull:. Anyways, just wanted to point that out.

But on the other hand, a part of me actually liked how aggro the zombies were. Sure, they were very annoying to deal with, but I honestly thought that it made this update feel a tad bit unique. It also expanded on this Halloween/fall themed update, and it would be nice to see a similar feature in future updates, with different skins. Also, if quests are to be added to V2, it would be nice to have a quest where you need to kill a certain number of these aggro mobs in order to obtain their exclusive skin.

Here are two suggestions I have for a second rework to zombies.

  • There will be grace periods between waves of zombies, and users will be notified when zombies are about to swarm the server
  • Zombies and any nearby ones will only aggro on you if you attack them, kind of like how zombie piglins work in Minecraft.


  • Zombies now act like normal bots, but don’t drop a lot of gold. Kind of annoying since you won’t be able to get any gold back if they pick up a ton of your gold.
  • I think zombies should be kept aggro to a certain degree, but not as annoying/aggro as they used to be.
  • In my personal opinion, zombies were a pretty unique and interesting feature to the game, and I’d love to see something like this in future updates
  • If this is a continued feature in future updates and in V2 (where quests might be added), there can be a special quest where people have to kill a set, high number of these aggro mobs in order to obtain their exclusive skin. Could be a nice incentive for people to kill aggro mobs like zombies.

Awesome, I would love to see that quest added in V2 and I totally agree with almost everything!


u wrote a whole essay on just one topic dang

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