Tank or Berserker?

hopefully we get the much needed berserker buff in v2…

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Tank def better rn.

Berserker buff boi.

tank is only better bc it can evolve into warrior, otherwise I would probably use berserker
I almost always prefer speed over size


just add a little speed and it iwll be okay

tbh i don’t even do tank
I just grind to 20k and go straight to warrior

I just tried that and it is way easier

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History always repeats itself

I personally like tank, but I REALLY hate how it makes u slower, either buff the tanks damage or health or nerf the berserker. But I still main tank.

Start of evolution update: berserk is better
After some balancing: tank is better
V2: berserk is too fast fps can’t catch up

I like both depends on who im trying to kill >:)
id im trying to kill penguin LOL
im ofc gonna use tank, bc she or anyone else would with max speed berserker get to close on yellow. I will ablity in destroy anyone :)

Full SPD and ATK Tank is a menace. Same goes for Berserker.